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My favorite hobby! Date: Aug 27th @ 4:47pm EDT
Hi guys, today I wanted to tell you what I like to do when I am not with you and it is COOKING a while ago I did not like hahaha but little by little I was learning and do not know how I enjoy preparing delicious meals, I enjoy every step from choosing Vegetables, chop and season them I think I should have been a chef in another life, without a doubt what I enjoy cooking is chicken I love doing it in different ways, by the way if you have a recipe for me I would appreciate it ... Kisses
My trip to the beaches of Venezuela Date: Aug 16th @ 2:26pm EDT
Hi guys, today I want to start my blog by telling you about the wonderful beaches of Venezuela, a year ago I visited an Island called “Los Roques” and I fell totally in love, it has beautiful crystal clear waters, such a soft sand with cotton, a clear sky and the best thing is the warmth of the people make you feel at home ... I saw the sunset many times from the shore of the beach and I still have those beautiful colors stored in my memory, without a doubt I want to return a thousand times !
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